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Have fun building your own shack. Re-connect with nature.


Hello & Welcome

I'm Raghuvir (Andy to my friends). I'm a staunch nature lover and like to live in natural serenity without sacrificing basic urban comforts. So a few years back I built myself a small house far away from the city noise. This was a great experience and I thought - "Why not let others have this fun too?"
So what started as a hobby - building eco-friendly structures - has over the years become my profession.


My simple philosophy

The joy and dignity to create and build a mud shack, log cabin, tree house, bamboo structures or whatever else that you fancy will be the fun way to re-connect with nature.


What can I do?

My expertise is to build with material available around the site or re-cycled material to create structures agronomically designed with urban functionality.

Over the past few years I've helped clients to...

  • Build eco-friendly & self-sustaining architectural structures
  • Set up home stay projects
  • Develop gardens/farms
  • Set up Solar + wind power installations
  • Set up kitchens
  • Develop whole plots

On this website you can explore the projects I've done. If interested further I can even arrange for a visit to the actual site - well not all, since some of them are private properties.


And how...?

I've realized that to get the most thrill out of a project, owner participation is a must. So...

  • I encourage you to participate in the whole process; will help you in understanding, augmenting & implementing your ideas. In short, I will make this journey with you "hands-on". See how it works...
  • Trust me, it's a lot of fun to build a log cabin with re-cycled timber and party in it in 15 days!
  • Be it in your backyard, on a treetop or on the farm - you can call me to build anything from a cowshed to a mud mansion
  • I bring in the additional skills of - building green structures, cooking (yes.. and for several people too ) and farming

Read more about my journey...

Call : +91 9860 667 348

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